Creating Artwork at an Art Party for the Port-O-Potties

This evening I met up with GuerrilLA, the flash mob organization responsible for the pantless subway rides, giant LA pillow fights, and well-choreographed dance numbers in various public places.  Our assignment:  Create art!  An odd request for a flash mob, but a well-timed one, as I was intending on throwing an art party this night anyway!

A friend and I ventured through a sketchy part of Los Angeles, entered an unmarked warehouse as instructed by an email, and followed a piece of pink twine up narrow and unattended stairs.  Entering what appeared to be an abandoned storeroom populated with mannequin parts and beaded lampshades, we were somewhat convinced we were attending a murder party.

Super Sketchy Warehouse

I’ll skip the boring parts and cut to the reveal:  We didn’t get murdered.  We found a nice lit artist’s residence in the back, where we painted with a small group of people.  We made some great friends, and I got an opportunity to try stenciling for the first time.  We found out that our art was to be displayed in the Port-O-Potties and The Brewery Art Walk, so I geared my art accordingly.

Art PartyKeep Calm and Urinate StencilKeep Calm and Urinate

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